Monday, 7 May 2012

They don't make them like this anymore - or do they?

This is my absolute gem
it was an outstanding experience to watch this series/movies to this beyond all epic storyline

it defines the word "epic" in itself

i am talking about NGE

THE king in the mecha-scifi-genre in anime if you ask me
you may think : meeh - some kids and huge robots
but dont let the first impression fool you

the actionscenes are breathtaking and ofcourse the animation is state of the art

there is nothing i could compare to the epic of the storyline
Hideaki Anno created with NGE something that had an impact on me like nothing did before

i dont want to spoiler anything but the concept of the series/movies deal with humanity its birth and its evolution
its about taking the next step to a new dimension of existence

but you may need to know what to watch first (there are 4 movies at the moment)
i recommend starting with the actual series (

after that there are two movies which tell the story of the series again and give and alternative ending
1st ( death & rebirth recaps the first 24 episodes
2nd ( the end of evangelion presents another ending to the story after many fans of the series where deeply disappointed with how the series ended

these two movies - especially the last one - really moved me and the way i thought about life, the world and everything that makes us what and who we are

i can't stress enough how great the experience of NGE was for me - go watch it - test it for yourself
the trailer does not give the slightest clue of this legendary epic of life, death and everything in between

and the best part -> Hideaki Anno is producing a new version of NGE in 4 movies at this moment
more of this on coming posts

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