Tuesday, 29 May 2012

When life gives you razor blades you make a baseball bat covered in razor blades

As i said earlier - im not really into trashmovies
but since i am in a "trash-spree" i post this one too

its the last trashmovie i know of that i would consider worthy of my suggestion to you guys.

again a flick purely for entertaining purposes

Hobo with a Shotgun


A hobo cleaning a completely rotten city of its crime lords / murderers / rapists / pedophile santas


Monday, 28 May 2012

Summer is SO on!

Had a perfect sunny weekend here in germany - and i think its time to post one of my favourite summer hits.

If you are lucky enough and can enjoy a nice day in the sun - relax and listen to this one

great tune
mega catchy

Mage - Summer Love

Friday, 25 May 2012

Omg its Hercules!

The trash movies i post are mostly the only ones i know. im not a huge fan of the genre but there are a few that are really rediculously good.
especially the actors staring in them are famous

and this ones got it all
its plain stupid but mega entertaining

Poolboy: Drowning out the Fury

  • Hercules
  • Machete
  • Jay from Jay and Silent Bob
this is a must see!


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Open water will freak you out

i came across some really great pictures of deep-sea monsters so i thought : to hell with only posting movies/music
why not post some pictures that make me feel uncomfortable?
i dont know about you but they freak me out

imagine swimming in the open water and staring into the darkness beneath your feet

wooa gives me shivers


Ichi the asian trash-hero

If you watched some asian movies/animes you might have come across some bizarr scenes. some may just have disturbed you or left you wondering why the protagonists act so extremely illogical.
well they may be have something to do with these mysterious ways asian culture has from time to time

but if you are not scared away by sometimes gross contents the following could be a very entertaining experience


Prepare for :

  • self mutilation
  • sexual relationships to plants
  • domestic violence
  • a crybaby 
  • and of course some trashy - but nice splatter

if you interested in more than just the movie - theres a manga for it i think and a anime series

as said in the trailer - "controversial" - so like all my suggestions -> a movie NOT FOR EVERYONE

Friday, 18 May 2012

A masterpiece does not need a remake

I am talking about the outstanding korean movie


After being kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years - Oh Dae-Sue craves for revenge.
And he's got 5 days to find the ones guilty for his martyrdom.

this movie has something really special about it.
its got that unique style that makes OLDBOY so unforgettable.
its one of these movies that make you want to find other "movies like OLDBOY" - it may sound stupid but thats what makes a movie one of your favorites.

prepare for an violent thrillride with the right amount of drama

for the ones who know OLDBOY already or will watch it - lets hope the rumors of the remake are just a bad joke

a really
bad joke

Monday, 14 May 2012

Lets get liquid!

A great great tune - one that really deserves to be posted on my blog

check out the channel
its a great community with even greater music

many more posts to come!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Manliest anime ever

Exploding heads, ultramuscular necks and rediculously good hairstyles??
Hell yeah! That's what you will get with the manly mac man movie

Hokuto no ken / Fist of the north star

So entertaining - i had to post it
a movie about gore and muscular people
not much thinking needed to follow the story

just sit back and enjoy the show

Friday, 11 May 2012

Ultimate Splatter - Ultimate Style!

Here comes Hellsing : ULTIMATE

i watched the basic series - sadly it did not use its potential at all

but this fabulous OVA does!

get ready for the ultimate rampage action
alucard at his best

is there any other series out there that gives you nazi-vampire-zombies invading london with zeppelins and burning a huge swatiska into the citiy?
i thought so

just test it - you will not regret it

The Game

You lost it.

Feel like getting a headshot through your ass just to wake up inside of a giant wale?
Then you might want to watch this rediculously crazy anime movie


A game you will not forget so soon due to its fabulous style
totally spaced out 
and just like paprika - a movie that thinks outside the box
its a great ride - extremely entertaining

lets get TRIPPY!

Pain, nudity and some more pain

If you are into the jackass movies and they were not painful enough for your taste

u need to watch


All you need is:
  • some friends
  • alcohol/thc or whatever you prefer
  • strong stomachs
  • a malicious attitude

All you get is:
  • intense pain
  • nudity
  • cannibalism
  • world records
  • ladyboys lol
  • enough other stuff SO WATCH IT!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Napoleon don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day

This ones got "cult" written all over it
and there is quite nothing compareable to its "style"

from the bizzar soundtracks to stores that sell nearly everything you could never need

surely not everyone will like it - i think most people won't get the humor
you really gotta try it yourself
i had a blast

Eurotrash? Naaaw ! EUROTRIP!

Beside the mind=blown genre i really enjoy comedy
not much that drama/comedy or romantic comedy
just comedy

and if you didnt see this one yet - you should really consider doing it soon


U might think - "this looks like trash" - but never judge a book by its cover
its an ultra-stereotype-movie about what americans think europeans are like
it might not be accurate but its funny as hell

Get the whole package

english hooligans lead by brilliant vinnie jones

an epic battle with a french robot mime

the creepy italian guy

sexual revelations in amsterdam


the list goes on and on 
and if thats not enough - michelle trachtenberg should be reason enough to watch eurotrip

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Colourful feast for your eyes

Returning to anime - here is something you will like regardless of which genre you prefer

you liked inception? well then try the anime version!



This one is really a movie to sit back, get comfy and enjoy the show
and again like all the other films i postet so far - a little bit trippy

Simply beautiful

compatible to ENTER THE VOID's topic of rebirth
here comes



from another hero of movie making - Daron Aronofsky - comes a journey which connects two lovers through a span of a thousand years

great visuals and again a great and inspiring storyline
the concept of the tree of life may occupy your thoughts for several days after watching this

an outstanding spiritual trip with the wolverine

What did i just watch? for 2 1/2 hours

Mindblowing movies
the 2nd

this time i leave the anime sector to post again a really unique experience
something you didn't see so far - i guarantee that



a 161 minute adventure for your eyes and your mind
from one of my heroes - Gaspar NoƩ

as every movie i suggest to you on this blog - there may be movies not fitted for everybody
this may be one of them
contains sex, violence and the use of drugs
and some other disturbing things

you can tell from the poster that the movie is something unique - and it starts very unique 

if you are into life after death and/or hallucinogenic drugs - you should go see this movie

Monday, 7 May 2012

They don't make them like this anymore - or do they?

This is my absolute gem
it was an outstanding experience to watch this series/movies to this beyond all epic storyline

it defines the word "epic" in itself

i am talking about NGE

THE king in the mecha-scifi-genre in anime if you ask me
you may think : meeh - some kids and huge robots
but dont let the first impression fool you

the actionscenes are breathtaking and ofcourse the animation is state of the art

there is nothing i could compare to the epic of the storyline
Hideaki Anno created with NGE something that had an impact on me like nothing did before

i dont want to spoiler anything but the concept of the series/movies deal with humanity its birth and its evolution
its about taking the next step to a new dimension of existence

but you may need to know what to watch first (there are 4 movies at the moment)
i recommend starting with the actual series (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0112159/)

after that there are two movies which tell the story of the series again and give and alternative ending
1st (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0169880/) death & rebirth recaps the first 24 episodes
2nd (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0169858/) the end of evangelion presents another ending to the story after many fans of the series where deeply disappointed with how the series ended

these two movies - especially the last one - really moved me and the way i thought about life, the world and everything that makes us what and who we are

i can't stress enough how great the experience of NGE was for me - go watch it - test it for yourself
the trailer does not give the slightest clue of this legendary epic of life, death and everything in between

and the best part -> Hideaki Anno is producing a new version of NGE in 4 movies at this moment
more of this on coming posts

A must-see gem you might not know

as i am not sure in which direction i am going with this blog i might transform it to a place where i can share great movie moments
and i am not talking about the blockbusters

im talking about the gems of true movie making which made me want to fall in love with the artist/director/actor

ill pick completely random
but i try not to miss anything out

I start with an epic anime cult-classic from 1988.
one of my top 3 anime movies of all time
outstanding animation - u wont believe it was made so many years ago.
and ofc a great story. u might call this movie a "mindfuck"
but thats what i love about japanese movie making.
they really think outside the box
so if you are looking for a nice thrillride that twists your senses - go watch akira!

                                       NEO TOKYO IS ABOUT TO E.X.P.L.O.D.E

Start Lovin!

enough with all the hate

enjoy some great music
from an even greater genre which i hope wont become mainstream

liquid drum and bass

what a beauty
start the playlist

add www.rainymood.com if you love rain like i do

and relax/study/work
anti stress mode activated