Thursday, 2 August 2012

Adams æbler

Adam's apples - a special type of comedy. A danish movie with dry humor.
Usually i prefer the humor of over the top comedies like Harold & Kumar or Van Wilder.
But this foreign movie's rediculous dialogues and scenes really got me.

A nazi is sentenced to community service at a church. And right from the start nazi Adam tries to pick up fights with priest Ivan (played by glorious Mads Mikelsen) just to learn that he denies everything bad in the world. Adam promisses to break Ivan somehow and sets a goal for himself - to bake an apple pie using the curch's appletree's apples. But the tree gets struk by various plagues.
The humor lies within Ivan's dialogues and the weird combo of the curch-"staff"

Gunnar - an "ex" alcoholic, cleptomanic and sex offender
Khalid - a gas station robber
and Sarah - a pregnant woman with alcohol problems

In deny of everything bad - Ivan made me rage just listening to him. Adam breakes Ivan's nose 2 times throughout the movie giving him a rediculously deformed and funny look.
He tells a pregnant woman to get a baby that will be most likely handicapped because his son was supposed to be handicapped aswell and came out perfectly fine. Ofcourse - further in the movie - his son is a complete vegetable. Things like these make this movie pretty much hilarious.

Just watch the trailer :3

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